Tips for Buying Android Mobiles - Buyers Guide for Android Phones

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Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Tips for Buying Android Mobiles - Buyers Guide for Android Phones

Android phones are available with different manufacturer logos like Samsung, HTC, Micromax, Lava, Xolo, Intex and many more and at times it becomes difficult to choose an android smartphone.I have pen down certain features to look in while buying an android phone.
Actually i was never supposed to note this down but i had been to a Departmental Store in Mumbai,India and i was looking at the Samsung latest mobile Galaxy S4 and there comes a lady next to me around 35 yrs of age with her son and questions the representative "hi, i would like to buy Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos" i jumped in to her conversation and said Mam I hope you must be aware of What is Android Phone? and with a smile on her face she as a laymen said to me "ya i know its a phone and you can download play games on it" and there are thousands who think that way and then i explained what is android to her and now i would like to explain you how to choose an android phone so that you doesn't buy another just for games (lol)

Please find the below tips for buying an android phone so that you could make a better decision for buying an android phone

1-> Processor - Heart of the Android Operating System

A dual-core processor is a type of a central processing unit (CPU) that has two complete execution cores. Quad-core processors have four independent central processing units that can read and execute instructions.
below Example would clarify your doubts :
Let us say you want to buy a Train Ticket and 99 people are awaiting for window to open and you are the 100th one
if railways would have opened Single Window then your number is 100,if two ticket window would have been opened then automatically your number is 50th and if 4 ticket window is opened then your number is 25th So basically Execution is faster the same logic applies to Single Core,Dual Core and Quad Core respectively.
Now a days most of the processor are available with Quad core and it is better to go ahead with Quad Core since lots of app handling and quick executing is foremost task of an android user
Other multiple-core processors are also in the works including a hexa-core processor, which contains six cores and an octa-core processor, which contains eight cores.
While looking at the specifications of an Android Phone you must have seen 1.5 Ghz and you must have been wondering what is 1.5 ghz in an android phone? Well it is referred to as "Hertz". When talking CPU's the hz (hertz) is the number if instructions per second the chip can complete, g (giga) is one billion (1,000,000,000) - so a 1.5 ghz chip does 1,500,000,000 instructions a second. More the better

2-> RAM & ROM

The storage space could be the RAM (Random Access Memory) and ROM (Read Only Memory). The second form of space for storage,often called on-board storage space,simply works like flash storage space for the system and also OS levels code in a structured manner.When there is 4 GB on-board storage space in that case smartphone does end up being slowly due to the fact that most of apps(applications) are designed in such a way to garbage the storage space temporary data files on the ROM. Consequently the phone results in being slowly and gradually functions sluggishly.
Random Access Memory (RAM) is a temporary storage location that enables instruction to be gathered and utilized speedily from different locations within DRAM on a memory unit. For the reason that data is found randomly rather than in sequence is able to gain access to the data much more speedily. For Example After the Android operating system has loaded or your android phone has started and you open an App(Program) such as the Chrome or Opera Mini browser it is loaded into memory while it is running.RAM is a volatile memory and requires power in order to keep the data accessible, if power is lost all data contained in memory lost.


Smartphones starts with 3 inch display and goes up to 5 and more inches display. Display comes in various display resoultion such as FUll HD (1920x1080 Pixels) qHD that refers to as Quarter High Defination (1280X720) etc.Display types available are IPS LCD,Super LCD 3,AMOLED,Super AMOLED etc.

You can find benefits and drawbacks for every single variety of screen, The only way to know for sure if the screen on your future device will satisfy you is to try it out for yourself. You will be able to easily see if the screen viewing angles, contrast ratio, and color reproduction will fit your needs after using the phone for just a few minutes.

Screen size is very subjective, so put that smartphone in your hands before you buy, to make sure both your eyes and your fingers will be happy.


Camera of a Digital Camera and Mobile Phone Camera makes a lot of difference so in case if you have a small child at your home or you are a photo geek who wants to upload photos every now and then on facebook with excellent quality then i recommend you to atleast go ahead with 5 MP camera.
The standard resolution of a 5 MP camera would be 2560 x 1920 pixels.
Printing at 240 dpi would result in a nice looking photo print, but the industry standard is set as 300 dpi which is practically more than enough. (dpi = dots per inch)
Dividing the resolution of the image by 300 gives the size of the image in inches (when the image is printed in 300 dpi).
So, a picture from 5 MP camera (2560 x 1920 pixels)could produce a neat 8.53"x6.4" photo print


As you can imagine that better the number of cores,more is the battery power usage. Nevertheless, it's not actually double the battery usage because of the fact that the quad-cores are architectured like that they can make sure to reduce the use of as much power as possible. Compared to processors designed for personal computer systems, quad-core mobile phones processors are unable to turn off more than one processor cores.

Because of increased power usage, phone manufacturers pack superior mAh battery in smartphone devices.Nevertheless, power maintenance capabilities are carried out for both of these dual-core and even quad-core smart phones.Current day processors carry along power management system as well as power management functions built-in.


Dual SIM Stand-by (DSS) - enables two SIM cards to remain on stand by waiting for a call. Any time a call is instituted on one SIM card, the supplementary will no longer be active. Callers to the second SIM would listen a warm message that the phone is switched off or just they'll be redirected to voicemail.

Dual SIM Active (DSA) - enables the smartphone to be in touch with both of those network carriers simultaneously. The device are able to swap between two calls without declining either, and so anytime you are on a call you will still be receiving calls on the additional number.

7-> Finally It's all about MONEY!! HONEY

Android Smartphones are available from a price range of Rs 5000 up to Rs 40000 with different specifications. It is advisible to fix your budget before purchasing a phone and be prepare to spend a little more over and above your budget because there might be another phone with better specs for a little price hike.


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