Samsung Galaxy S4 vs HTC One

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Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4 vs HTC One

Samsung Galaxy S4 vs HTC One

Galaxy S4 is a flagship Android Smartphone of Samsung where as HTC One is hardest build Smartphone from HTC ever.
HTC bringing features like BlinkFeed, 4 UltraPixel Camera, HTC Zoe, BoomSound and Samsung introducing features like Air View , Air Sense, Groupplay and many more, lets take a dig at both the phones

Samsung Galaxy S4 brings it biggest screen yet with a 5 Inch HD Super AMOLED display with 441 pixels densiy, its screen is dimmer compared to
others, Some people still complain about polycarbonate body, which really isin't that big of a deal, infact polycarbonate are used to prepare
glasses , but S4 has a very similar design to its predecssor galaxy S3 and still cant compete with the build of other phones. On the other hand, HTC
one is best build android phone you would seen in market with its beautiful contoured aluminium body and polished metal edges. It brings a slightly
smaller 4.7 inch screen but it has a higher pixels density, thats brighter and less reflective. The HTC One's design still can't be beaten and it takes an upper hand in the design

The HTC One has 32 GB of internal storage where as Samsung Galaxy S4 is available with 16GB of internal storage are more or less priced same in
india. With Android 4.x only allows you to install apps to internal storage at some point of time you may run out of memory in S4 because user
available memory is only 9GB . If you're a gamer, wait for the 32 GB Galaxy S4 or go with the HTC One, but if you have large videos and music
library, the S4 might be the better choice as you can store multimedia files on microSD cards, and the Galaxy S4 supports cards up to 64 GB.
Here it is a draw

User Interface and Control
The Galaxy S4 brings its snappy touchwiz interface running on top of andriod 4.2.2. It really looks a lot like previous versions except there's even
more UI (user Interface) bells and whistles tucked in here and you will have to dig for deep into the settings. Now, if you dont know what to do
,just pull down notifications bar and you will see everything.
Now i dont user interface is bas and the UI is still just as customizable but its not as clean anymore because there is a lot going on the main
screen. HTC's Next Gen Sense UI is just as fast and snappy running on Android version 4.1.2. Its super clean and easy to operate but time will tell
how quickly it receive future updates as HTC always lack behind in comparision with samsung for updates. HTC's new BlinkFeed panel shows you all
your social media updates and it's a sweet flipboard like addition but if you dont like it , you cant get rid of it. You get all of the android's customizations for creating folders and widgets, but between the two phones this is a cleaner experience.
The HTC One leads in terms of UI and Control.

Features :
Samsung Galaxy S4 is truly the king of features with its powerful 1.9 Ghz Core Quad Processor.S4 allows for interchangeable batteries and expandable memory via a microSD card these things arent possible in HTC one. S4 allows users to work  on two apps in a single screen. Not all apps support this feature, but it's available for a few important ones such as Gmail, Chrome, Twitter, Messages and Youtube. It has Airview for previewing content like glowing up texts on a website by floating your finger on top of it. You can watch a video and then turn away and the video clip will stop automatically until your eyes return to the screen. it also has an interface called S Voice Drive which can be used as a fitness device to track you
steps. It also has a Watch On App to act as your TV remote.
The HTC One Brings up blazing quad core 1.7 Ghz processor and its power button is also an IR blaster that can be used as a TV Remote, Now the HTC biggest distinguinshing feature is its BoomSound dual front stereo Speakers that sound incredible then i have heard on a phone so far. You can add
all the addon features like Android Jellybean features like google maps , Speech to text for search and directions, NFC for sending content from one phone to the other. But both phones can do this
The Galaxy S4 can do almost everything and its win here

Web Browsing and Multimedia
Both phone have their standard browsers and Chrome, providing the same web quality experince. The Galaxy S4 larger screen is nice but i take HTC
BoomSound Speakers over a slightly bigger screen with incredible video playback. From Camera point of view S4 has a 13 Mega Pixel Camera where as
HTC One has 4 Ultra Pixel Camera but GS4 13 Mega Pixel Camera is a clear additions which includes active dual cameras that can include the picture taken in the frame (works with video too), Sound & Shot that stores some audio with still photos; Eraser mode that takes multiple photos and can remove unwanted elements from the frame. HTC One's Ultra Pixel camers is used for low light shooting with aperture of F2.0 but S4 13 mega pixel camera handles low light photos very well and it has a an edge over HCT one.

Both the phones battery is enough for a day long activities, which includes phone calls, 3G videos, web browsing, emails, social networking, some gaming and a little bit of photography.
Samsung has a 2600 mAH battery vs HTC's 2300 mAh battery, Samsung gains an upper hand for removal battery while for HTC One, you will have to use external Micro USB Battery packs which is actually not recommened when buying a high range smart phone.
Still, on heavy use, the HTC One has an edge here with an average battery life of 13 to 14 hours, when compared to around 12 hours for the Galaxy S4 but, Samsung S4 is a clear winner with removal batteries

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